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Severine Perron

Severine Perron is a medicine woman and poetess.

She supports the resilience and expansion of women, through her art, knowledge of plants and ancient wisdoms, open heart and mother earth, for deep spiritual work on women's lineages and their identity. Path that she herself explored for her own expansion.

Poetess, Séverine published a collection of poetry talking about the resilience of women.

The community project Les Herbes Vives is the manifestation of her vision to the world, supportive for women who create consciously and manifest intentionally. Regaining their personal power, creativity and responsibility as guardians.

Mother of two daughters, natural living is at the heart of her model healing. Individual and collective responsibility, preserving diversity and cultural identity as the basis of a new vision for humanity.

To you who want to be wise, turn your gaze to the sky,
to you who want to create a dream and a new world,
learn to listen to the wisdom of the earth,
because in what is visible on the outside,
the true knowledge of Inner mysteries can be revealed.

Activist, she participated in the emergence of the TEdxCeWomen in France promoting women and her empowerment. She writes a first manifesto in 2015. Séverine Perron has worked for 20 years with business leaders, sports or political, supporting their evolution in a more humanistic vision and the establishment of inclusive and progressive organizations. She co-founded As we are with Philippe, a company and community 7 years ago.

Follow her on Insta @severineperron or @lesherbesvives


Philippe GARDENT

Handball player & coach

As a builder, Philippe GARDENT forges and animates the collective in which individual talents will interact and flourish. Sacred with the Barjots, he now carries as coach the emblematic values of handball.

Its drivers : humans.

Placed on the side of those who know how to be before knowing how to do it, he puts his wisdom and his innate sense of team spirit at the service of the epics that make men grow.

Father of two, he loves transmitting to youngests and other coaches.

Photography is an another passion, art too.

He’s a speaker since twenty years.

Follow him on Insta @philippe_gardent

What is the most important is the heart.
What a human has on his heart.
Only that.
To be good guy who serves the common project
before himself.
Growing with individual and collective commitment.

Team France Player : Bronze at the 1992 Olympic Games and World Champion in 1995. Voted best pivot of the century (last), 17 years in Team France, Captain French Handball Team “Les Barjots”. We were not the best players, but the best team in the world. He tells his epic of Barjots.

Coach : 20 years in D1 / Pro. 3 times champion of France including 2 with the PSG Handball, 16 years coach in Chambery and since 2015 trainer of the Fénix in Toulouse. Was elected several times as the NHL's best coach. Actually, Philippe is the coach and manager of Toulouse Fenix Handball Team.

Entrepreneurship : he has founded a french restaurant in Alps, called Les Barjots and co-founded AS WE ARE with Severine, 7 years ago.

At the beginning, we shaped our dreams.

Then we walked, around world, exploring lands and cultures, opening our mind and heart.

Today, we manifest a simple life, advocating a fullfiment living,

close to nature and our tribe.

We are convinced the change our way of life, is the beginning of a new dream for our humanity.

Not only for ourselves.

But for next generations.


We are guardians

Dreamer, Expander, Space Holder, Artist, Builder, Soul Shaper, Planter, Seeder…

Dream, seed and manifeste the life you want to deserve.

we talk.

for communities and folks

who want to be inspired, supported and expanded.

for our heritage, our lands.